Membership Dues


Fee Structure

The following fees must be paid in order to register with the NLCHP.

NLCRT (College) Fees                     $139.00              

NLCHP (Council) Fees                     $350.00              

Professional Liability Insurance    (as per CSRT or thru private insurance)


College fees:

The college fees will cover membership with the National Alliance (NARTRB), travel expenses, website maintenance, office expenses, yearly AGM etc.


Council fees:

The council fees will cover salaries and benefits (registrar and office staff), quality assurance assessments, rental space, insurance, cost of disciplinary hearing, website maintenance, legal fees, accounting fees, office and printing services, travel, council and committee expenses, utilities etc.


Professional Liability Insurance:

We have researched the cost of liability insurance and by far the CSRT liability insurance is the most cost effective.

The Health Professionals Act states that you must have individual Professional Liability Insurance. Our Registration requirement is a minimum of 2 million liability insurance which is standard across the country.


If you are not paying all fees through CSRT monthly debit, or thru the CSRT paid in full, you are required to pay both Council and College fees directly to the NLCHP