Liability Insurance

Section 19 (3) (b) of the Health Professions Act requires the applicant to provide documentation of having and maintaining professional liability insurance (PLI) in an amount acceptable to the Newfoundland and Labrador Council of Health Professionals (“Council”).  


Documentation acceptable to the Registration Committee

1)   A fax from the originator of the document.

2)   The policy certificate in PDF attached to an e-mail forwarded from the originator of the document.

3)  A copy of an original document that is certified* by a Commissioner of Oaths, barrister or solicitor or notary public.


Applications  for  registration  will  not  be  processed  unless certified* documentation of PLI coverage is provided. PLI coverage must be maintained for the period of registration. Where the expiry date for the insurance policy expires during the registration year the applicant is responsible to notify Council of continuation of insurance coverage. Failure to maintain PLI coverage will result in a finding of conduct deserving of sanction with the associated penalty including removal of the registrants name from the register of health professionals. The Registrar will notify the registrant and the employer on file for the registrant if the registrant’s name is removed from the register of health professionals.


Council has set the following minimum requirements for PLI:  Respiratory Therapist  (RRT)   $2,000,000 (Can);  


 Insurance Documentation

1.   Applicants  must  provide  Council  with  the  name  of  the insurer, policy number and date policy expires.

          1.1 For respiratory therapists, if PLI is provided by CSRT, applicants for registration and renewal of registration must provide a certified copy of documentation from the insurer noting coverage limit.